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{Wealthy Mindset Secrets} Build Your Team Tips!

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[su_quote]One of the most difficult areas of life is how to know when you must let go of something. You must firs ask how valuable it is in your life. If you say it’s very valuable, then ask what it has given you. If it has given you seven years of pain, then it’s time to get rid of it. If it’s blocking your ability to move on, you have outgrown it.[/su_quote]

Wealthy Mindset

Today we’re talking about building a wealthy mindset by letting go. I’m not talking letting go of books that you have that you haven’t read or stuffed animals that your children don’t use any more. I’m talking about something much harder to find.  Today we’re going to look at letting go of the beliefs that are blockading you from the success that you truly desire and you truly deserve.

We’re often taught to change our actions.  Do more.  Recruit more.  Sell more.  But the problem isn’t often in the doing or not doing, it’s at a much deeper level.  We simply don’t believe in ourselves and our abilities enough to produce the results we say we want.

Here’s a simple formula to help you develop a wealthy mindset and weed out beliefs that are blocking you from the results you truly deserve in your business.

  • STEP 1: IDENTIFY POVERTY MINDSETS Write down the beliefs that you have based on the results you’re seeing in your life at this moment. If the results you’re seeing are exceptional, then you know the beliefs you have about yourself and about your business are serving you and your higher purpose. If they are not, it’s time to make a decision to let them go. This can be difficult, but all you need to do is start with writing them down and identifying them. These can be anything.

For example, “It’s hard to make a sale.” “Nobody wants to listen to my opportunity.” “I’m not finding people who want to buy what I have to offer.” “More money always goes out than comes in.” “I work so hard and I don’t know if this is ever going to work out.”  While you may think you’re stating what the reality is for you now, but what you don’t realize is that by believing it you are creating the reality. It’s time to focus on what you DO want.

  • STEP 2: CHOOSE WEALTHY MINDSET SUBSTITUTIONS Make a decision to let go the thoughts and beliefs that are not serving you anymore. How do we do this? When we see the beliefs that we have are not serving our higher purpose, we have to choose to place a new thought in that space. Substitute.

Instead of saying, “I can’t find any customers that want to buy from me.” We say, “Customers are everywhere and they’re attracted to me every day.” “People love what I have to sell.” “I’m worthy of success.” “Money comes to me easily because I offer great value to those that I serve.” When we start to think these thoughts first the outside will start to align to make them a reality.

  • STEP 3: WRITE THEM DOWN EVERY MORNING Take time every morning to write down your wealthy mindset substitutions from step 2 on paper. This is how you begin to deliberately internalize, or program, the positive belief. Make it a habit to write your positive intentions down every morning and THEN be sure to align your actions with them as closely as possible.  If you forget to reprogram your beliefs and you instead only change your actions it will not last.
  • STEP 4: BLESS AND RELEASE If you catch yourself thinking old thoughts (and they will linger) say, “I see you, I bless you and I release you.” Sure you used to think that money was so hard to make. That’s true.  Until you realized it didn’t pay to think that way.

Make a conscious decision to release the beliefs that are not serving you and plant seeds of new wealth mindsets every single morning. Cultivate them and have confidence that over time the results will sprout.

Remember that change does not start with action, it starts with cultivating different beliefs about yourself, about your business, about what you deserve, what you want.

Comment below and share your wealth mindsets with me.  I’d love to read them.  If you like this, please share it and comment below. I would love to help you anytime you are free to email me.

Have a great day! 🙂