Grow Your Team with April

Build Your Team with a Lead-Generating Webinar!

AboutAprilOlearyHi, I’m April O’Leary, and I’ve been a Professional Business Coach since 2010 and my passion is helping women exceed their own expectations in both business and life.  If you’re here it’s because I personally gave you this link or someone who thinks you’re great did!  I love to help networking team leaders connect with their downline face-to-face via webinars.

I know it’s very standard to host tele-conferences for both training and recruiting.  But there is power in video!  Seeing someone’s face builds trust and we all know that we do business with people we know, like AND trust.  PLUS this cutting-edge technology will give you more visibility online as your name will be out on YouTube for others to find.

Hosting a Webinar is Fun and Easy!

Hosting a webinar with me is a fun, engaging way for your downline to invite their prospects to an online event so they can ‘SEE’ you in real-time, hear your success story and ask you questions about the business opportunity that is available to them.

When you partner with me I’ll handle all of the details from the webinar technology, to the email copy you can send to your team and the video editing post-event.  All you have to do is say ‘yes’, invite your team and show up.

Share Your Success, Leverage Your Time and Create Lasting Content!

The best part is after the event concludes your team members have a prime opportunity to follow-up with the prospects they invited to the webinar to ask them what they loved about it, to answer any more questions they may have and to invite them to join their team.  It’s easy and fun.

PLUS the event is recorded for you to use indefinitely as a third-party tool for your team.  They will have the link to share with any further prospects so they can watch is on-demand.  This is a great way to leverage your time and share your success through a video that is done in an interview format with me.

Watch the video below and see how I can help you.

How Can We Get Started?

There is no cost involved for this to work, but there are a few requests to make this a successful partnership.

What will I do for you?

1) I will provide access to all the webinar technology and run the event.
2) I will create a registration page for your webinar and give you a unique link and email content to send to your team.
3) I will host you for the event.  I will help you shine as I ask you questions about your why, your business building days and your business opportunity.
4) I will give you links to the 2 edited videos after the event at no cost to you PLUS the list of all names and emails who registered for the event.

What I ask of you.

1) You must have a team of at least 20 people.
2) You must be willing to promote the webinar event to your team and their prospects via email.
3) You must have access to a webcam.
4) You grant me the opportunity to invite your downline to my private member community, The Hive.

Here are two example videos you can expect to come away with after your partnership with me.  This is a webinar series I hosted with Cherie Rodriguez, National Executive Director with Thirty One.

1) Short promo video that will be published on YouTube linked to your business site.

2) Longer private video that you and I can both keep and share with our communities.

Say “YES” to a No-Cost Done-for-You Webinar Today!

If you’d like more information please call me directly at 239-777-3241 or fill out the Google form below.  Let’s see if it would be a good fit for both of us.  I look forward to hearing from you.  April

P.S. If there is someone else you know who could benefit from this offering please feel free to pass along this web address.  It is not publicly indexed so someone can only find it if you give them the direct link.  Thanks!