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What Can You Imagine?

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As children we are encouraged to imagine the possibilities, explore the world and told we can ‘be anything we want to be’.  But somewhere along the way, we are put back in our place and told, ‘be realistic,’  ‘that idea could never work,’ or worse yet, ‘you’re not cut out to be (fill in the blank)’.

But I am here today to encourage you, if you have a dream, if you have passion and you have a desire to serve others, your dream can become a reality for you.  How?  Take steps everyday in that direction.  Maybe you aren’t going to quit your day job quite yet, maybe you need to take a few classes or enlist the help of someone to get you there, but don’t give up.

Look at life through child-like lenses and realize it all really is possible, even probable, when you trust life to take you there.  Have a little faith, for what is faith if you see it already?!  Enjoy this little remix put out by PBS of Mr. Rogers, to bring you back to your dreams and reignite that childhood fire that may still be burning inside.  You can grow it in the garden of your mind.  Stay tuned to watch my dream unfold in the next few weeks as the launch for the University of Moms!