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Taking Care of Yourself and Your Business

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It was just yesterday that I was in the throes of working, airing a live seminar, preparing myself for a cross-country trip to visit my sister, getting the kids and my hubby ‘set up for success’ and running last minute laundry to boot…and the thought to cancel a yoga class I had planned on attending crossed my mind.

“You don’t have time for that today, April.” I concluded.  But the little voice inside my head revised that thought appropriately, “You don’t have time NOT to do that, April!”  So I went.  How often we forego the little rituals of self-care mistaking the ‘to-dos’ of life as more important and necessary!  Even today in the Houston airport on a layover, I walked out of the restroom and almost didn’t take the moving sidewalk because I had to back track 10 feet.  But upon further consideration while wheeling a carry-on, stacked with my heavy blue brief case, self-care won out again!  The voice said, “What would someone who is good at taking care of themselves do right now?”  Yes, they would utilize the sidewalk to make their life easier…and I did.

These little choices may not seem like lightning bolt moments, but added one on top of the other, equal a less stressful life.  By taking a moment to decide what would be best for you and your network marketing business at any given moment you prove that you are important, your life matters and yes, your needs matter. 

Making one other very important decision at the airport I purchased a toothbrush at a newsstand (due to the fact I forgot to pack mine at 4:00am this morning) and a Fortune magazine entitled ‘The 50 Most Powerful Women’… just because I wanted to.  How was I to know self-care would come shouting out of the pages at me.  I am again inspired and in awe of what self-care can do!

Here is what I learned from Fortune:

1)      The #1 most powerful woman rated by Fortune named Ginni Rometty, who is the CEO of IBM.  Who knew, she has a vacation home in the same town I office my business, Bonita Springs, FL.  So I added ‘meet Ginny’ to my ‘dream list’ of business building ideas.   Why not?  The site (and I) could certainly benefit from her insight!  So Ginni, if you ever read this, look me up next time you’re in SWFL.  I’d love to take you to lunch.


2)      Brenda Barnes (also listed in the top 50 most powerful women), is the former CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America, who quit her job in 1997 to raise her 3 kids, and re-entered the workforce back in 2004 as the president of Sara Lee.  What an encouragement for at-home moms!  This is a struggle I hear so often from clients who have chosen to take time off to raise their children.  So here it is in black and white…you can have a career, put it on hold and still have a stellar network marketing business even if you start it part-time while you’re at home with kids.

3)      Also noted in her powerful story, Brenda recently had a stroke, is in recovery, and has learned how to accept help from others in a time when she needs it most.  She concludes the article by saying, “You need a plan for yourself, just like you need a plan for your business.  I owe it to myself to focus on me.”

So all this being said, whether you are focused on building your network marketing business part-time or as a full-time career, you owe it to yourself to focus on you.  It’s okay to make decisions that make your life easier and better.   It’s okay to keep a dream list going.  It’s okay to admit when you need help. Join us in The Hive, we’re here to support you!