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What IS Keeping You From Being a 10

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What IS Keeping You From Being a 10

Today I have one simple question for you.

How committed are you to being successful in your home business?

On a scale of 1-10 where are you? If you were reporting back to a boss each day on your personal level of activity to generate new leads, cultivate existing relationships and build your sales team what would you say?

The beauty of this industry is that YOU are your own boss.

The challenge of this industry is that YOU are your own boss. If you’re not a 10 then you have to look in the mirror and say, “Why am I not 100% committed to being successful?

Maybe it’s one of the following beliefs that is holding you back-

  1. I’m afraid I wouldn’t succeed if I really gave it my all and then I’d be laughed at.
  2. I don’t believe enough in my company or the people on my team.
  3. If I were honest, I don’t believe in the industry as a whole.  There are so few people who really make it big and those people are just lucky.

Do any of those resonate with you?

If they do, I want you to do something for yourself right now. Write out these questions and then take five minutes to explore the truth of the statement for you.

If you’re afraid that you wouldn’t succeed if you really gave it your all, ask yourself, “Is that true?“. Do you absolutely know that you wouldn’t succeed if you gave it your all? Then write further and explore the fears you may have if you actually WERE able to succeed. What would that mean to you?

Many women are equally as afraid of success as they are of failure. It’s true.

Then do the same for the next 2 statements.

Just do a bit of exploring of your own beliefs and see if they truly are true for you. If they ARE true then you will absolutely have to make adjustments. If you find that they are ARE NOT true for you (after doing some introspective work) then you have to let it go.

Deal? Deal!

[su_highlight background=”#efdf2c”]ONE FINAL CHALLENGE:[/su_highlight]

Once you are able to get your level of commitment up to a 10 then write down your goals for the next 90 days and send them certified mail return receipt requested to the owner of your company. They will get it, and they will read it. Guaranteed.

Anytime you don’t FEEL like working your business think of Cindy Monroe or Jim and Kathy Coover or Patty Brisben checking in on your progress, asking you what you did today to accomplish the goals you sent to them


Let’s make it happen. One Day At A Time.

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