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What is The Networking Revolution?

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What is The Networking Revolution?

Yay YOU!!  That is what The Networking Revolution is all about.

Need I say more? Ok just a little bit….

If you look in my closet you’ll see some really cute Thirty-One totes and purses. Look in my jewelry armoire and you’ll find some Stella and Dot necklaces. Look in my kitchen cabinet and you’ll see some seasonings from WildTree and protein shakes and snacks from Isagenix.  Take a look in my makeup drawer and you’ll see MaryKay and Younique and Arbonne products. Oh, and thanks to my friend Kelly (be sure to read her amazing story in our new book) I have some products from Pure Romance (I’m not telling you where those are hiding!!). And next week I was invited to a Premiere Designs jewelry party and I can’t wait to go.

This is The Networking Revolution. The conscious effort to shift your spending to support your friends and family with home businesses.  The power to share your opportunity with others with your head held high because YOU are a part of one of the biggest industries on the planet that grosses more than the NFL, the music industry and the gaming industry combined.  The smile you can wear each and every day knowing you are doing your part to make the world a better place.

Does that explain it?  Ok here’s a little story too….

Today is not just an amazingly special day because it’s my daughter Amy’s 9th birthday. Yes it’s crazy to me. My youngest of three girls is NINE. TODAY I am giving birth to my third written child “The Networking Revolution: Five Ways Women Are Changing Their Lives Through Home Business Ownership.

And trust me, if you’ve written a book it can feel a lot like birthing a human child.  Only I didn’t have to gain 40 pounds and my boobs are not double in size.

But seriously. Conceiving of an idea to share with the world is exhilarating. You have that moment when you’re inspired and there is no turning back. The seed has been planted from the universe and, unless you choose to abort it, you will have to carry it to full term and along the way you will likely experience the same doubts and fears, “Am I good enough to do this?

For me that moment was last spring 2015 when I was in the shower, believe it or not.  Prior to that I had hosted a few “Networking Lunches” where I reached out and invited five top women leaders from various companies to come over and get to know each other.  It turned out to be a very genuine and heart-warming time of connecting and getting to know one another.

The truth is I had only dabbled in network marketing and even though I had helped women succeed through my private coaching practice which I began in 2010 I was doubtful. “What could I offer?” I wondered.

But the idea didn’t leave me alone.

My suspicion was that if we could duplicate our lunch experience in a way that everyone could share their successes, no matter what company they were with, and if we could all make a conscious decision to support one another and be allies, we could create a Networking Revolution.

jess-aprilSo I asked my friend Jessica, who is a top-earner in her company, if she wanted to meet up for coffee and I shared the idea, and a sketched out table of contents, with her. She loved it and shortly thereafter we got to work to create a book that is simple and fun so that you can not only feel inspired by the successes of other women in the industry (we share 14 amazing success stories) but also have a tool to share with others who might not “get it”.

THAT is The Networking Revolution. We are ALLIES. We are POWERFUL. We are AMAZING. We are BETTER TOGETHER. We can MAKE A DIFFERENCE when we MAKE A CONSCIOUS DECISION to SUPPORT and ENCOURAGE and REFER BUSINESS and SHIFT OUR SPENDING so that WE ALL CAN SUCCEED. Can you get behind that? I thought so!

We have recorded a short video to share more about it with you and we encourage you to buy one copy for yourself or buy multiple copies to share with your team and inspire them too (discounts available with special BONUSES).

I encourage you to catch the vision. Light your fire and start a blaze world-wide in support of the women home-business owner. WE CAN DO THIS!