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What is your One Thing?

Do you have a dream?  I hope you do!  Maybe it is losing weight, finding a love relationship, starting a new career or just enjoying your life where you are right now.  But the big question is, what is the One Thing you need to do to bring that dream into reality?

To start, write it down!  This is so important!  Unless you write it down, it will never become a reality.  Now once you have done that, create an action plan for yourself.  What are you going to do everyday to get you towards that goal?  Hold yourself accountable.  Set a specific, timelined, measurable goal so you know exactly what you are working towards.

What happens when you are working towards a goal, but it doesn’t seem to be materializing?  You may find that the One Thing you need to do is not what you thought it was.  It could be that you need to forgive someone from the past.  Maybe you need to accept yourself for who you truly are.  Maybe you need to release guilt and shame from something you did.  This is not glamorous work, or easy work, and certainly not always fun work, but until these things are brought to the surface and dealt with, they will inevitably hold you back in all areas of your life.  (Note: Read my blog post- The One Thing Theory for the exercise to help you find your One Thing.)

The song, One Thing, by Finger Eleven describes this process perfectly.  I’m not really sure what the true reason is the artist wrote the song but, for me, it has a deeper meaning when related to the deeper One Thing:

If I sorted it out
If I knew all about this one thing
Wouldn’t that be something

Going through the coaching process and finding the One Thing is not automatic.  It takes some time working together, talking, digging and true honesty to uncover what it is.  The role of the coach is to ask you great questions to help you uncover your One Thing.  If you want to be coached I would love to work with you!  Click Here to find out more.  Begin the process today.  What could your One Thing be?

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