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When Your Spouse Hates Your Home Business

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when your spouse hates your home businessWhat To Do When Your Spouse Hates Your Home Business

Yesterday I received an email from someone who said their spouse hates their home business.  This is so common to be sure.

Today I want to teach you how to handle objections to your home business from your spouse, your friends, your family, and those you love. Whether they argue that it takes your time and attention away from the family, or they are not seeing any profits for all the time you are spending, you can still build your empire with your head held high.

Here are three simple ways you can handle the pressure with grace and continue building your business.

Take the time to talk to your spouse or significant other.

Taking the time to talk to a spouse or significant other about your “why” is so important. Get very clear on it.  WHY are you doing this business?  Keeping track of the time you’re spending and the money you’re spending is also going to be important to them. Share with them exactly why you’re doing this business and what your expected outcomes are. Set a timeframe to it. Ask them to be patient with you and be sure to share small wins along the way while you are working hard for the results that you are aiming to achieve.

Ask yourself is it reasonable for you to have a home business.

This one question can solve a lot of problems not just in your business but in your life. If what you’re doing you feel is reasonable, then it’s okay to let other people feel however they choose to feel.  A lot of the guilt that women often suffer from starting a home business is unhealthy guilt. Unhealthy guilt is feeling guilty when you haven’t done anything wrong. The way to determine whether you’ve done anything wrong is to ask yourself if something is reasonable.  Make sense?

Let me ask you a few questions to help you clarify this for yourself.  Answer Yes or No to the following questions.

  • Is it reasonable for a woman to start a home business?
  • Is it reasonable that it would take some time to learn the skills necessary to run a home business?
  • Is it reasonable to continue on in a business that you love even when it takes a little longer than you had expected to build it?

All of the answers, in my opinion, are YES.

The benefits of having a home business are not purely monetary for many women. For a lot of women, maybe even you, the benefits are also positive friendships, social outlet, fun, and the opportunity for learning new skills. If that is your reason for having your home business, that’s fine. Just make sure that your spouse understands the reason for your home business and keep it in check to make sure that you are still keeping up with the other things that you need to be doing.

Don’t accept responsibility for someone else’s feelings whether positive or negative.

I know I’ve talked about this many times, but really if I can express anything of importance to you in this blog post, it would be to look at life in two buckets — The bucket of things you can control, and the bucket of things you cannot control. What can you control?  Yourself.  Your feelings.  Your actions.  What can you NOT control?  Everything else for the most part.

This can apply in relationships and business with your teammates, with your upline, with your downline, with your neighbors, with your friends, etc.  If you are doing something you love and someone else does not like it, that is not something you can control. Now again, if it is reasonable, then carry on. If it is not reasonable, then don’t.

Today I encourage you to have an honest conversation with your spouse or significant other, focus on what is reasonable for you, and don’t make it your job to make other people happy.  Soon you will find that your home business will run a lot smoother.

Realize your business is asking you to learn some life lessons.  Use the opportunity for personal growth.  If you got value from “What To Do When Your Spouse Hates Your Home Business,” please feel free to share it and comment below. It would be much appreciated. Have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you here again tomorrow.

Note: This blog was written using the transcription service I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post.  I recorded a five-minute audio while I was driving and I did very minimal tweaking.  If you are building a blog I encourage you to try it out too. Enjoy and be sure to comment.