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Where is the Finish Line?


I won! Now what?

So many times in life we are caught in the trap of looking for the finish line, thinking that “when/if this happens, then I’ll be happy.”   When the kids grow up…when I get that promotion…when I move to a bigger house…if my spouse would change.  In no way am I an interpreter of dreams, but I would like to share with you a dream I had recently that I thought had a very clear message.  Here is my take on crossing the finish line exactly as I wrote about it in my journal.


I had the most unusual dream the other night but what was most fascinating was the feeling which came with it.  At first I was training for cross country, just like when I was at WSU.  Susan [my friend and teammate] was there, and the other girls.  We had trained and it was a big race.  I remember running in it, with Susan as usual, but somehow tapping into another energy source from within, that I didn’t realize I had, and I charged ahead, with seeming ease, passing others, and wondering why I didn’t know I could run like this before, or how I didn’t know that I had this power within me.  I actually won the race.  But the strangest part of it was, it didn’t mean anything to me, winning.  I though it would be such a great accomplishment, and I was surprised at the lack of satisfaction it brought.  Hm.  So I have been training all this time to win, but winning wasn’t worth it.  Maybe the point is that it is not in the winning, it is in the practice, the relationships with teammates, the success over yourself, not others.  Realizing that the finish line is not the real prize.  It is the journey.

So if winning isn’t what we’re after, and crossing the finish line doesn’t bring the happiness or satisfaction we thought it would, then the pressure is off!  What a relief!  We can dispel the myth that “I will be happy when/if….”  If that is a thought that traps you, realize it is just a trap, keeping you back from the happiness that is waiting for you in this moment, if you choose it.  Enjoy the relationships you have, even though they may be less than perfect.  Enjoy your children, even though they may be in a stage that is difficult right now.  Enjoy your work and the opportunity to learn new things and improve your skills.  But most of all, tap into the power within you.  It is accessible to each of us in unlimited quantity.  But it is up to you to uncover it, to go after it.


Ask yourself:  Where does my power come from?  What does that mean for me?  How can I discover it?   Do I feel it in my life right now, or do I feel something is missing?  Is it a church that could provide community and support?  Do I enjoy reading books on spirituality?  Maybe I can connect with it through writing?  Maybe prayer or meditation?  Maybe I could spend more time outside enjoying nature?  Maybe I am not sure, but I can seek out the help of someone else…pastor, rabbi, therapist, friend, life coach?   Take a few minutes right now to consider what might be right for you, and then take a step in that direction today, knowing that the unlimited, ever-present, unconditionally loving power is there waiting just for you!  Forget the finish line.  Enjoy the journey.