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Why I Quit Drinking

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16 02 07 blog templateI’m A Quitter!

Yes. That’s right. I quit.  And I shared it honestly on Facebook.  Am I crazy?

Scared to click ‘post’ and then quickly logging out of my computer profile to head to a fundraising event, I secretly hoped it wouldn’t go through.  Ok, well worst case scenario, it would post and no one would see it.  Right?


Over 2K views and hundreds of comments in one 24 hour period I knew I hit a nerve.

Well the analyzer in me started thinking.  What about the above video intrigued people? Why do they care whether I do or do not drink? What part of the human brain was triggered into leaving a comment, sharing or watching?

I’m still not sure.

Are You The One Acting?

But what I do know is this.  In the age of social media it has never been more true that all the world is a stage.  And who is on the stage? A bunch of actors!

motivational We want to put this show on that is positive and energetic and successful.  We are told to attract others we need to show them a life that they want to have and then they’ll wonder what we’re doing.

You want to know what I think about that?  I think it’s a bunch of hooey (as my mom would say).  I think it’s lying.  I think it’s setting us all up for failure.


Because we know that, for us, it’s not true.  We post a motivational quote at 8am, yet we feel like shit on some days.  We smile and take a selfie as we’re working hard on our business, yet we are sometimes struggling to find enough people to talk to…or the people we’re talking to don’t seem to be interested.  We head out with friends in the evening telling them our day was AMAZEBALLS, all the while wondering what we’re doing wrong.

“Sheesh…everyone else seems to have it so easy,” we think.  “What’s wrong with me?”

Nothing is wrong with you…or maybe everything is.  Maybe you are thinking that you need to keep up some form of success and perfection to ‘attract’ the right prospects.  And they’re not flocking to you.  Try this strategy.

Be Honest.

I don’t mean every last little details, play-by-play version of how your life sucks (or how today was crappy), I just mean let’s be real.  That’s why I posted the above video.  Transparency.

Knowing that if in some small way my story (despite the fact that I’m a LIFE COACH…) can show you that I’m just as fallible, just as human and just as ready to transform myself in ways I see I need to grow (just like I expect from each of my clients) then it was worth it.

So you want to know how to attract more people to your business? Watch this.

I think it will help you.

Oh, and comment below.  I’d love to hear where you are vulnerable these days and how you’re opening up your imperfections so that others might be empowered by your life’s work too.  Isnt’ that the point?  Just sayin’….

So this is where we’re at.  Trust honesty.  Trust transparency.  Trust your own journey to lead you to new levels of personal development, and trust that those areas you need to grow will be revealed to you at just the right time. And be open to recognizing them, without getting defensive, and be willing to change.

The Secret to Attracting More People To Your Business?

Make a commitment to grow.  This is why network marketing is SO very powerful.  It requires so much of us on an individual level and there is no hiding from your results.  Use them as your guide.  Allow your team to speak openly and honestly with you.  Accept guidance and in turn offer it to others.  And most importantly refrain from judging anyone, either positively or negatively.  Thinking someone else has it easier than you is a judgment just as much as assuming someone doesn’t need your product or business opportunity.

So that’s all I’ve got for now.  Keep plugging away.  Keep growing and do share below what lightening bolt moments you’ve had recently that rocked your world. Where are you focused on growing? Why? Who can help you? What do you need to let go of in order to accomplish the life and grow the business you desire?