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WHY Do You Do What You Do?

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Because of the video below by Simon Sinek (which I completely came across on ‘accident’…if you believe in those sorts of things), I got to thinking about the WHY of what I do.  What is the ultimate purpose?   As I wrote on this in my journal I came up with what I believe to be the reason why I expose my life, why I share my struggles and my successes, why I even wrote a book on how to create more peace in life…so that YOU can be you.   Here is an organically written statement of why I do what I do…

WHY do I do this?  So women can enjoy their lives, be happy, be equal in all aspects of their lives, no matter what they have chosen to do, so they can see their innate value without having to ‘prove’ anything or change who they are to fit into any one mold.  Each of us is endowed with a unique personality, gifts, and unique characteristics, no matter what profession we choose, what lifestyle we choose, how we dress, how we walk, what relationships we choose, where we come from, who we associate with, what our parents did, whether we make lots of money, or no money because we choose to stay at home with our children to raise them, no matter who approves of us or disapproves of us…it doesn’t matter.  You have to be you, and there is no shame in that.  We can all support one another in our chosen path, there is no competition, there is no right way, there is no ‘proving you are worth it’.  You don’t need to be someone else, live someone else’s life or wish you were different.  YOU ARE VALUABLE.  YOU HAVE A VOICE.  YOU HAVE A CHOICE.  You can live the life you want, on your terms, and be proud of it.  No explaining.  No guilt.  No insecurities.  No comparisons.  There is no one like you…love it, live it, be it.

Here is the video I watched.  I challenge you, in whatever profession you are in or whether you are a stay-at-home mother to determine WHY you do what you do.  You are a leader and to truly inspire others you have to know your WHY.  Share them with me on a comment below.  And as you figure out your WHY the rest will fall into place.