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Your Own Journey

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How often do we focus on all the things outside of us?  Situations gone wrong.  Relationships that didn’t last.  Pointing fingers. Blaming other for our unhappiness.  Seeking approval from friends.  Hoping for recognition on a job well done.  Waiting for the love from our partner that we so desperately crave.  That is what life revolves around.  Getting our needs met.

Is this entirely wrong?  No.  Is this what will bring lasting happiness?  No. It is not selfish to want to be happy.  But the key to lasting happiness, peace and love has nothing to do with the external forces around us?  Does that seem like a weird thought?  Can someone be happy in the middle of a tumultuous relationship? Can someone be happy who has never gotten a word of thanks for all their hard work?  Can someone be happy when their children are screaming, their house is a mess, their dinner is burned and the dog just threw up on the rug?  It may sound funny, but the answer is yes.

The Self that God created in you needs nothing.  It is complete, full, loved, safe, and loving.  It is the part of you where all your needs can be met.   But how can one get to this place?  What does it mean to seek the love you have within?  How can you shift your focus to see what matters most inside rather than being reliant on all the external forces of the world getting in alignment for that brief moment of happiness that is no sooner experienced than it has already left?  What is one to do?!

If you are struggling right now with some situation outside of yourself, that is great!  If you have found yourself asking these questions that is great!  If you are unhappy right now, guess what, that is great!  These situations are causing you to think, reassess, grow.  That is the purpose.  Knowing where you are now is a wonderful starting place.  Getting out of the trap of denial, and mustering up the courage to seek help, dig deeper and experience the life that you were meant to live is a gift.  You can have a life full of internal peace, abundant love and extreme happiness.

In a quiet moment ask yourself:  What does internal happiness mean to me?  Where can I go to find the answers to these questions?  What books could I read?  Who could I talk to?  Where could I go?  Is there something I have never tried before that seems interesting?  What is it?  As you answer these questions for yourself you will begin a journey all your own.

If I can help you in any way I would love to talk to you!  Call me anytime for a free 15-minute phone consultation.  239-777-3241.