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You're a Media Company NOT a Network Marketer!

You’re a Media Company NOT a Network Marketer!

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You're a Media Company NOT a Network Marketer!

Breaking News! You, my friend, are a media company. Your job is to market that. Get it. Network MARKETING.

You’re not a sales rep for Thirty-One Gifts or Isagenix, you’re not building a team with Younique… YOU are so much bigger than that!


I didn’t mean to wound your ego. I did mean to help you shift your thinking around what you are doing online though. Hear me out and see if you can embrace this concept.

What does a media company do?

They provide valuable content DAILY to an audience of people who are seeking their educational and entertaining message. They also have multiple offerings to their audience.

It’s like watching HGTV. You can see the Property Brothers, and Flip or Flop and House Hunters and you might like one and that might lead you into watching another. I can confess to getting sucked into the HGTV culture. It’s congruent with what interests me. And the commercials are targeted to me also, right? Furniture stores, design websites and home products peak my interest.

This little piece of information will help you tremendously in branding yourself and creating content for your audience and customer base.

If you sell protein shakes and supplements, ask yourself what else people who are interested in these products likely to want to know? Create content for them involving healthy recipe ideas, workout tips and sharing inspirational videos.

Do you sell fashion items? What else do people who love fashion read? Where do they hang out online? Share the latest shopping trends, new colors, ways to rejuvenate old accessories. Be interesting. Not salesy. This is valuable content to your customers and it will create a relationship where they will want to do business with you.

How do you share this info? Great question.

  1. Good- Share on social media. Remember the blog on social media mistakes? This is what you share instead of blasting people with your company name and product launches.
  2. Better- Create a blog. It is time well spent and this becomes your ‘channel‘ where you send people to ‘watch‘ and connect with you.
  3. Best- Do both!

When you start acting as a media company you’ll find more people hanging around and you’ll attract rather than repel potential customers and team builders.

If you got value from this post please comment and share. If you have a blog feel free to post your link below. We’d love to check it out.