Hula Hoop With Me!

This year the Easter Bunny brought my girls hula hoops.  Sadie, 9, and Molly, 8, already knew how to hula hoop, but Amy, 4, didn’t know at all.  All week, as they practiced together, they begged me to hula hoop with them.  My responses were a combination of, “I can’t hula hoop.  I’ve never been able to do it.  I’ve tried so many times.  It’s really hard.  I just don’t have the right rhythm…”  Then I would try it and prove myself right.  “See, I told you I couldn’t hula hoop,” I would reiterate.

Amy and her dog hula hooping

Never one to get down on herself, Amy, kept practicing.  A lot!  Even when she could have been frustrated, she was persistently positive, and kept trying without giving up.  By the end of the week she had it down pat.  She was hula hooping like a pro…around her waist, around her knees, and even walking and hula hooping at the same time.  But this is just the beginning of the story…

Learning wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

Always up for a personal challenge, I decided that now it was my turn.  I asked myself, “Is it possible that someone who has never been able to hula hoop could learn the skills necessary to do it?”  The answer, I decided, was, “Yes.”  So I enlisted the help of Molly to teach me.  I set aside all my past experiences of failure and excuses that kept me from learning and with an open mind and a good attitude listened to what she was telling me.  I knew that it was possible.  I reminded myself that I am not the most uncoordinated person on earth, and if a 4-year old could teach herself to hula hoop, so could I.  Within a matter of 10 minutes practicing, I was doing it!  I amazed myself, and felt like a kid all over again.  I realized that it wasn’t as hard as it appeared to be.  I wasn’t able to do it before was because I was always going about it the wrong way.  Now that Molly showed me the right way, it was easy…and fun.   Why had I waited so long to simply try?  I had let my past hula hooping experiences get the best of me for over 30 years, yet all it took was 10 minutes to change that past story into a present day success!

Is there anything in life that you have made your mind up that you just can’t do?  Maybe you have never been able to lose weight.  Maybe you have never had a successful, lasting relationship.  Maybe you have decided you’re just not smart enough, or lucky enough to get what you really want.  Are these stories based on your past experiences?   Are you missing out on an opportunity to succeed in the present based solely on the past stories you carry around with you?  If you look at your life and see past failures that are holding you back from the success you desire today, here is an activity that you can try to help you overcome the excuses that are keeping you stuck.

5 Easy Steps for Transforming Past Failures into Today’s Success:

1)  Ask yourself, “Is it possible that someone who (put your past story in here) in the past, could (put your current desire in here) now?”  The answer to this question is 99.9% of the time YES.  Crack open that door to the possible.

2)  Find success stories of people who have accomplished what you wish to accomplish.  Feed yourself the ideas that you can do it.  You can have it.

3)  Be willing to try something new.  Realize that just because you have tried something in the past doesn’t mean it is the only way and that success is not possible.  Edison tried 10,000 times before he discovered the light bulb you know!

4)  Look in unlikely places for someone to help you.  Be willing to listen to others.  Seek out a trusted friend, a coach or a mentor.  You never know, your teacher could even be your child!

5)  Remember to add a positive attitude and persistence into the mix.

Yes, today could be your day to finally overcome that story of past failure and replace it with success!   Come hula hoop with me!