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What does the word interconnectedness mean to you?  To me it means that we all need each other in some way and have been given gifts that are unique to us that can benefit the world in a way that no one else can.  However, I think the tendency for some is to try to do it all themselves.  Whatever the reason…as a way to save money, a determination to learn a new skill or to remain independent, some people try to do it all and I have to admit that I was this way for a long time.  I took pride in the idea that I knew how to do a lot of things for myself, I was stubborn enough to refuse offers for help and I was eager to learn more and yet I was utterly exhausted.

I have to say that maybe wisdom comes with age, or maybe it comes once you’ve struggled enough and finally come to your senses, but I have learned when to outsource and when to delegate.  It is this realization of interconnectedness that drives me to enlist the help of others and surrender the idea that I can do it all.  Yes, if I put enough time into the learning process I could probably learn anything, but is that wise or foolish?  What am I gaining from doing this and what are others losing?  You guessed it interconnectedness.

I want to share with you a brief story that happened to me recently.  I manage my own website, and I have learned a lot over the past few years.  It has been fun, challenging and exciting.  That is good.  But I finally hit a wall where what I wanted and the skill level I had were not compatible.   I tried many times without success to fix my blog page and a few other glitches, so I finally posted a ‘job’ up on Elance for some WordPress help and you better believe it, I found a gem.

Kevin helped me redo my blog page and created a snazzy new header for it (which you see up above) and he helped me switch back my editing tool that had gone awry.  He has been kind, helpful and prompt in all our interactions.  You see, the skills he has, I needed.  The problems he solved helped alleviate me from hours of frustration.  There is a bigger lesson here.  Let me ask you a few questions.

What have you been trying to do unsuccessfully that you know you need to let go of?  How might this help you enjoy life more?  What benefits can your surrendering offer to others who have the skills you need?  What skills do you have that you can offer to others?  How would you feel if someone asked you to help them using your expertise?  What if instead of asking for your help they were struggling to learn to do it on their own?  Does that sound smart?

So today seek out the help you are looking for in areas that you have not been able to conquer on your own.  Whether you need someone to help fix your website, or clean your house, or watch your children or help you solve some of life’s more challenging problems, there is someone out there ready and waiting to lend you a helping hand…if you simply set aside your independence and opted for interconnectedness instead.  Like me, I am sure you will find that ‘gem’ waiting for you.