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Leveraging The Universe by Mike Dooley

If you have read Mike Dooley’s books before, or seen him on The Secret, or if you get his awesome Notes from the Universe you probably love him and his message as much as I do. Reading his book Manifesting Change was transformation for me in the way I now view my life. The most important thing being to go after happiness, not too focused on the details of ‘how’ it will happen, but taking baby steps each day and trusting in the Universe to work it out…to put the right people, the best opportunities, things I could never orchestrate myself, in my path. Today marks the release of his new book Leveraging The Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging the Magic. I am sure it will be amazing and that is why I am letting you know about it right here. I have also included a link to order Manifesting Change if you haven’t done so yet. Together, let’s support Mike in the release of his new book and help make it a best seller. Click the box below to get your copy. Change your world….