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Have you ever considered going through a body detoxification?  I just recently read through a simple program I came across that gives specific instructions on how to detox your body in 7, 14 or 21 days.  It reviews everything from what to eat, how to relax, what to eliminate from your calendar and which exercises to do and when.  The very first thing however is a quiz.  Do you need this program?  Without even taking the quiz, I would venture to say most people could probably benefit from resting more, eliminating sugar and taking up some yoga.

But could most people benefit from a mental detoxification?  Is there such a thing?  Is there a benefit to doing it?  We know that sugar is bad for the body, but what are the mental toxins that would be purged in if one were to undertake it?  What ideas or thoughts would be removed?  And what would they be replaced with?  How might one go about cleaning out and purging their mental world?  Could one eliminate the negative and incorporate more positives in their mental world?  These are all good questions.

Mental toxins are ideas, images and thought patterns that have a negative energy.  These thoughts can be repetitive and are probably holding you back from experiencing the life you truly desire.  Thoughts of fear, lack, anger, guilt, shame, apathy, desire and pride would all qualify.  These are thoughts which have low energy attractor fields and will keep us from experiencing higher levels of thought such as love, joy, peace, acceptance and meaningfulness.  The gateway to releasing these negative states of being is courage.  One must have courage to face these feelings and deal with them.  One must have courage to dig up what they have submerged and up until now have just hoped would go away.  One must have courage to ask for help if necessary.

If one is able to have the courage to face their thoughts, how might one identify these thoughts?  That is another great question.  Start by watching your thoughts throughout the day.  Be the observer.  What do you catch yourself thinking about?  Would the thought you are thinking fall into any of the categories listed above?  If so, there are two great ways to deal with these toxic thoughts.  The first is writing.  Journaling is immensely helpful and necessary to start the detox process.  Initially you may find some resistance to doing this, but it is the key to exploring your feelings, dealing with them and releasing them.  As you proceed in writing you may get stuck or want some outside help.  This is another step you can make in the detoxification process.  Working with a professional therapist, life coach or counselor is another powerful tool in the release of your mental toxins.

Make a courageous decision to make this new year your healthiest yet, physically and mentally.  Start from the inside and allow yourself to deal with, and finally be free from, all the mental toxins that have been holding you back in your life.  The great news is that it is possible to have complete mental freedom and when you allow yourself to go through the process you will be amazed at how differently life will look!