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Stop reading! Write it down now!

Before reading this blog, get a piece of paper and write down one thing you want to accomplish but haven’t yet.  Something that is wildly exciting.  Something you are passionate about.  Forget about being ‘realistic’…what do you really want out of life.  Write it down.

 What thoughts came to your mind?  Getting a college degree?  Changing career paths?  Traveling?  Losing 30 pounds?  Learning to speak French?  Improving your marriage?  Why haven’t you done it?  Fear of failing?  Lack of time?  Lack of money?  Maybe it’s just too hard to deal with?  Any of these are common reactions to seeing a large unrealized goal.

 Now let’s talk about resistance.  What does the word resistance mean to you?  One definition in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes resistance as an opposing or retarding force.  Have you ever thought of resistance as a force that opposes or slows down your progress in life?  Well it is!

Let’s identify the many common faces of resistance.  Some are so sneaky;

What is holding you back?


 they even seem legitimate.  But each one is a force that opposes your progress in life.  Here’s a list of common resistance thoughts:

  •  “I’m not smart enough”
  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “It’s not me”
  • “I can’t afford that”
  • “It would never work for me”
  • “It’s too much work”
  • “I don’t have time”

There are also many other ways we keep ourselves in resistance.  Let’s list a few more:

  •  Avoiding 
    Am I avoiding something?


  • Procrastinating
  • Delaying
  • Denying
  • Ignoring
  • Making excuses
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of failure
  • Too many distraction/too many goals
  • Fear of criticism and other’s opinions

Can you identify with any of these resistance patterns?  If so, write them down beneath your goal. Maybe you are afraid of losing a friend?  Maybe you always think there is not enough time?  Maybe you are avoiding the mess you see?  Maybe you get distracted too easily?  Great job!  Now you can start on the road to success.

When resistance presents itself in your life in any of these forms, don’t buy in to it.  Realize it is trying to slow you down, or better yet, stop you completely from pursuing your dreams.  The good news is that when you expose these patterns in your life, you can set them aside, acknowledging their powerlessness over you and get your life on the fast track to seeing your dream accomplished.  With resistance out-of-the-way, nothing can slow down your progress or hold you back from accomplising your wildest dream.